XeniosA Access

Access is by secure site (HTTPS).

There are two types of users. Those creditors or plaintiffs and all those of you who will represent them on the one hand and debtors or defendants other.

The first feature access code consists of a user ID and password. These allow them to access a file, a series of folders or more sets of records according to the rights granted and their roles in the files. This is an access type "A".

In some cases, the user code is associated with special powers that create or remove, with some limitations, dependent user codes.

The latter have access to the folder in which they are involved and can find on documents that they are intended as part of this case, the information that will give them access to the file in question. This is an access type 'B'.

Example: Screen "Login" screen shot No. A1 & A2.

At this stage, once connected, there are three menus available, outside of disconnection :

  • The files
  • Statistics
  • Management